Leontine Durby

We have been pleased with the endurance of the Suzuki vehicles. Last year in June I needed a small 4 door vehicle and Mrs. Debby Brown-Clark got me in contact with Jean Castor. Very was pleased with his great service. I am happy with my Suzuki Ignis, although I like being higher up off the ground. Still very happy for having 4 doors, which I missed with my Jimmy.

Last month my husband in need to replace his Rhino. We were so pleased with Jean Castor’s service that I contacted him and explained what we were looking for which resulted in us purchasing the new Suzuki Jimmy All Grip. We are super pleased with this SUV. It drives so smooth on our bad roads compared to the older models of the Jimny’s.

We will keep in touch and will definitely recommend to anyone we hear in need of vehicle.

Leontine Durby
Mazinga Investment NV
St. Eustatius